Live Webinar | 60 min

Looking beyond Cyber for your TPRM Program

Learn how to manage risks beyond cybersecurity in TPRM programs. This webinar covers the impact of non-cyber risks on organizations, strategies for assessment and mitigation, and best practices for integration into a comprehensive TPRM framework. Case studies will also be shared.


April 27, 2023


11 am GMT


Andrew Brown
CTO at Elasticito

Victor Meyer-modified

Victor Meyer
COO at Supply Wisdom

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April 27, 2023 (Thursday)
11:00 AM GMT



We will explore the importance of looking beyond cyber risks in a Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) program.

While cyber risks are a crucial component of any TPRM program, organizations also need to consider other risks that can impact their operations, reputation, and financial health. This webinar will cover;

  • The importance of managing third-party risks through continuous monitoring
  • The impact of non-cyber risks on organizations (e.g., financial, environmental, social, and governance risks)
  • The strategies for identifying, assessing, and mitigating non-cyber risks in TPRM programs
  • The best practices for integrating non-cyber risks into a comprehensive TPRM framework
  • Examples of organizations that have successfully integrated non-cyber risks into their TPRM programs.

This webinar is recommended for risk managers, compliance officers, procurement professionals, and anyone involved in managing third-party risks.



VICTOR MEYER COO at Supply Wisdom

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Victor, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, spent 17 years at Deutsche Bank in various roles, including group head of operational risk and group anti-fraud unit, and was responsible for group-wide third-party risk management, information security and technology risk, and operational resilience. He was also a Vice Chair of the Global Agenda Councils for pandemic and catastrophic risk at the World Economic Forum, where he contributed to strategies and training to help companies deal with the increasing threat of infectious diseases in 2019.

ANDREW BROWN CTO at Elasticito


Andrew is the Founder and CTO of Elasticito and a domain specialist in cyber risk and attack surface management.