Stay Ahead of Third Party Risks with Continuous Monitoring

Start proactively identifying, monitoring, and mitigating your third-party and location risks with Supply Wisdom.


The market’s only solution that offers full-spectrum risk domain coverage in real-time, so you always know your risk exposure.

Third-Party Risks

Financial Risk
Cyber Risk
Operations Risk
ESG Risk
Compliance Risk
Nth Party Risk

Location Risks

Country Risk
City Risk

Supply Wisdom goes beyond just monitoring risks. We help businesses identify, monitor, and mitigate risks by delivering actionable insights.

Set up your targets
Get real-time alerts 
Make informed decisions

Gain unmatched visibility into your potential risk exposure - All accessible through a single, consolidated dashboard

Supply Wisdom is the premier SaaS provider of cutting-edge risk intelligence, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver unparalleled near real-time and continuous monitoring of third parties and their locations.

With specialized expertise in banking, financial services and healthcare insurance industries, the platform empowers organizations to take proactive and effective measures in managing their complete risk lifecycle, from early risk detection to efficient risk mitigation. 

Enhance Risk Understanding: Covering Diverse Third-Party Metrics and Risk Domains

Supply Wisdom Methodology and Risk Framework go beyond traditional approaches, delivering unparalleled access to 160+ third-party metrics across diverse risk domains

How can you build a more resilient supply chain in 2023?

Reflecting upon the past few years, a clear pattern emerges - the steady rise in business disruptions, varying in both frequency and severity. Hear Atul Vashistha's insights to ensure radical transparency, enable proactive vigilance, and facilitate agile intervention.

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